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Every blog owner has a dream that their blog should always be on the top and should get maximum visitors as compared to other blogs. It is like an ideal to dream of having your blog on number one in the search engine’s search pages (SERP). And why shouldn’t it be the ideal dream of anyone, as per facts & figures those sites which have their ranking increased to have an exponential increase in their CTR (even by 200%)? One of the main factors that determine the ranking of your blog is the Domain Authority (DA).

It is a ranking metric developed to judge the standing of a site on the World Wide Web. It has over time become a standard by which you can judge the status of any website. On a scaling level, it varied between 1-100 where the higher the ranking, the more DA you will have and thus more traffic. Increasing one’s DA doesn’t happen overnight but takes time and is a cumbersome process but if the proper steps are taken and ensured then it will happen quickly, then you can think.

Following are some ways by which you can ensure that your website holds a good DA and gets more visitors:

1. Develop an Understanding

Before you take any action or go leaping for an increase in your DA, you need to understand the elements that affect the DA of your site. To have a look go to the Moz site. Moz is the developer behind this concept of DA, and they have a free readily available tool Open Site Explorer (OSE) to check the ranking of your blog/site DA wise. On average, the sites have a DA around 40-60 mark, but you will also find some common sites having a DA of 70-80. Never back down if your DA is less because this is the first step. It takes time and develops gradually into a booming DA.

Moz has developed an algorithm to determine the level of DA. As per their site, there are over 40 different factors that affect the DA of your site. DA is part of your site’s SEO and is not isolated from it. You need to focus on different elements such as link health, link diversity, domain age, brand search volume and social media mentions to increase your DA. The increase in DA of any site/blog is based on logarithmic rules which mean that you can quickly go from 20-30 as compared to 70-80. It increases on a nonlinear pattern. So the higher you go, the more difficult it will get for you to boost your DA.

2. Run a Link Audit

Till the time your blog doesn’t have a healthy link profile, there is no chance of improving the DA for your site. In simple words, the link profile is the total number of backlinks that your blog has earned. Avoid using links that are frowned upon. Google has provided an official list of its prohibited links. If you want to come into the real sight of search engines, then you should abide by the rules laid down by Google with regards to linking.

There are much safer and better ways to have some backlinks for your blog then by using small inorganic methods. To do the link audit on your blog, you’ll have to use any tool like SEMrush Backlink Audit tool, Majestic, Open Site Explorer, etc. Once you have conducted a link audit for your site using one of the tools mentioned above make sure that whatever links are pointed out by the tool, remove them as soon as possible. It will contribute a lot towards improving your DA.

3. Having Higher Quality Links

If your blog is producing good content that draws people and traffic to itself, this is an automatic method of increasing your DA. No matter how much backlinks or other means you search for. If your blog doesn’t produce good quality content, don’t expect the traffic to increase overnight. This is the most organic way to improve your DA and let you enjoy several other benefits. Because by this you won’t be violating any guidelines or rules laid down by Google; instead you will be earning it the hard and right way.

You can link your blog to higher ranking sites such as Quora in their question-answer sessions by linking your blog to the answers. It is entirely organic because you are answering someone’s question and in return, you are asking them for indirect favor. This gives a massive boost to the DA.

4. Creating Reader-oriented Content

You need to create content that will be loved by your readers. You need to analyze the mind of your readers and then create content. The traffic on your blog all depends on your content because no matter how backlinks you establish if your content is not worth reading then no one will bother to read or give your blog a visit. Always try to produce quality content that matters and doesn’t just write for the sake of it. Quality of your content matters a lot more than the quantity. Try including media in your content that grabs the attention of the reader. The simple you keep your content the more readers will love it.

5. Mobile Friendly Interface

In today’s world, most of the users access the web through their cell phones. You need to make sure that your blog is also optimized for mobile browsers; otherwise, you will be losing the majority of your traffic. It can hurt the traffic and overall SEO of your blog. You can also check the level of mobile-friendliness of your blog by typing “Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test “on google and visiting their site. Make sure to stay up to date as evolving is the best key to new challenges.

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