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I love to ask my customers what’s working for them. This one floored me in its simplicity, and I think it could help you too.

After telling Eldon how to improve his Google MAPS rankings by seeking reviews, he paused and then responded.

Eldon is the owner of a local pressure washing business, and he posed this question: “Do you know the difference between a review and a testimonial?”

Not exactly sure what he was asking, I let him continue.

He said: “A review is something somebody posts on your Google Business page or your Facebook page in the reviews section.”

“Ok,” I said, “So what’s a testimonial?”

“A testimonial is somebody raving about your business on THEIR Facebook page! Think about it! A review gets tucked into the reviews section of your Google or Facebook page (or BBB or another site). This presumes that someone, someday, will see that review. A testimonial posted on the customers own Facebook page INSURES that those connected to that person will see it!”

Eldon went on to explain that because of the proximity of people who saw those testimonials, he was able to capture an entire neighborhood where the H.O.A. had very stringent rules about maintenance and upkeep of driveways and sidewalks. The beauty of this is that it didn’t cost Eldon a nickel!

BRILLIANT!!! This was a huge revelation to me, and I’m somewhat ashamed to have never thought of it. I didn’t market with Facebook a lot, but this has changed my total approach to small business marketing, and I make sure ALL of my local customers are active in their respective Facebook communities.

Here are some other approaches on Facebook that can help your local business reach consumers without spending a penny!

  1. Join your neighborhood community groups on Facebook. Unlike your business page, when you post in a private group, EVERYONE in the group will see the post. Be careful about how you post and promote in these groups. Some have very restrictive guidelines for selling inside these groups.
  2. Join as many local community groups as you can and interact.
  3. Join the local business groups especially if you are a B2B business
  4. Answer questions that people might have that your business can help with. This is your ticket to promote.
  5. Set up a lead magnet to attract new customers. For example, I recently posted something like this: “Hey, I need help! We just started a new process to create ads for our clients, and I need five clients who are willing to try a modest display ad campaign. We will provide the ad set for free (a $499 value). – just one example but we never have issues with getting volunteers.

So, here’s my testimonial:

Eldon – Aquaforce LLC owner – THANK YOU for making me realize I don’t have all the answers and thank you for sharing what is working for you. I have taken what you told me to heart, and like you, I’m happy to share this information so others can reap the same benefits as you and now my clients have enjoyed. I also would like anyone in the Dayton Ohio area who may come across this blog that Eldon is an awesome business owner and if you need pressure washing for your home, you need look no further than Aquaforce, LLC:

Greg Newell
50Bubbles SEO and Web Development 

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