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2018 was a consistent year of growth for social media marketing and online content. At the moment, over 3 billion people are using social networks regularly. We saw the online marketing industry continue to take shape, further proving that if a company isn’t utilizing their social media platforms they definitely should be. All marketers should place high value on social media marketing and any business should consider it an extremely important marketing and advertising tool (that more often than not, is completely free to use).

But I’m sure you already knew that. It’s hard to ignore the glaring presence of social platforms when our media and press are constantly promoting them in their advertisements, newscasts and broadcasts. Does “Follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date Toronto news coverage” sound familiar?

According to the Social Media Examiner, social media is an integral marketing process because “it is an effective way for brands and companies to generate more business exposure, increase traffic and provide marketplace insight”. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging sites like WordPress are just a few of the networks and social media tools marketers should be using on a regular basis.

With the emergence of picture-sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there have been additional social tools available for businesses to use that engage them with their loyal consumers and followers. Furthermore, social platforms are constantly being updated to be more user-friendly; LinkedIn provided a complete user interface design this year with a cleaner, more professional look that has made it simpler for users to navigate through.

Does anyone honestly need any more proof that their business needs to be actively involved in interactive media marketing?

In addition to a continued strong social media presence, 2019 is shaping up to be a year where video marketing will be a prevalent force in the industry. In 2019, 76% of marketers planned on increasing their use of YouTube and video marketing. And for good reason. As marketers, we need to always be on the lookout for more interactive ways to get involved with our consumers and followers.

As a representative of PromotionStep agency, need to admit that we have been able to add extra testimonials for our agency from clients amazed by their SMM campaign performance. We worked on boosting its video marketing presence as we felt this was a tool we could use to bring our company message to a wider audience. We aired an advertisement on BNN in December and for our AGM we also compiled a video that highlighted each one of our company divisions and briefly touched upon our company investments.

In keeping up with the importance of social media engagement, we encourage you to stay up to date with the latest company developments and engage with other members and followers of our online community. We are working on updating our LinkedIn page as well, you can check out our company profile here and follow us by clicking here.

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